HDF’s Mercy Centre

The QCCT Bangkok, Thailand sponsorship program was started in 2000 and runs on the coat tails of the Human Development Foundation’s (HDF) existing program. The children sponsored are children that the HDF has taken under their wings. They live in slums like Klong Toey – an urban area located along the steamy, fetid waters of Bangkok’s port. Our program was set up to help the HDF in their pursuit of sponsors for the over 160 children that are in their care, as well as children who live in the area who come from families that are very poor.

The children in the HDF’s care range in age from 0 to 17. They come to the HDF’s Mercy Centre (the home for the children) in a variety of ways – some are orphaned while many others are abandoned or abused or their parents are in jail. Sometimes destitute parents or grandparents try to sell their children to beggar gangs – the HDF endeavours to rescue them before this happens. Sometimes the social workers from the HDF persuade the kids who live under bridges to join the Mercy Centre family. Many times, the children just show up on the home’s doorstep. Since the Mercy Centre opened their doors in 1972, they have not turned a child down. They provide a safe and healthy place for each one to grow and thrive, send them all to school and care for them as part of a loving family. A number of these children are also sick as a consequence of AIDS.

Currently, we have over 80 children sponsored through our organisation in Australia (Mercy Centre Australia). The fees are tax deductible.  This monetary support assists these needy and often orphaned children so that they can go to school to gain an education.

Please contact:
Vivien Chapman
Email: sponsorhdf@qcct.org.au