Who are QCCT?

QCCT is a registered charity made up entirely of volunteers from all areas of the Qantas network and others in the community.

The Team helps those less fortunate, particularly children, throughout the world and supports our rural community in Australia.   It aims to help people obtain the ability to become self supporting without compromising their particular cultural and ethnic background. This is achieved through assistance with hands on projects, job skills training combined with educational funding and the supply of basic needs.

As part of our philosophy of being a practical charity, twice a year an enthusiastic and energetic group of the QCCT flight attendants, pilots, ground staff and volunteers use their time in a particular port to help out in whatever way they can.

Past working trips have seen QCCT participate in a range of projects from building renovations, installing irrigation systems, maintenance and repair work to educational and fun activities for the children.

How did we start?

QCCT was founded in 1979 by Qantas long haul flight attendant Laurie Curley. Laurie was in Bangkok and, as an APEX member, realised that he could use his days off overseas to assist the locals in need. On his return to Sydney, Laurie discussed the idea of a charity project with other cabin crew. Some of the early projects Laurie organised included painting a Red Cross orphanage in Bangkok, a nightly soup kitchen in London, supporting Children’s Home in Bangkok and Harare.

In 1994 long haul flight attendant, Glenn Price and his late wife Cathy Golding Price renewed contact with Matthew Rusike Children’s Home in Harare, Zimbabwe. QCCT participated in its first working trip the following year.

Executive Committee

Janine East


Janine has been a member of QCCT since 2010 and has been actively involved with Sth Africa projects for many years as a volunteer. Janine is a current International BFA based in Sydney and recently stepped into the chairperson role in late 2019.

Rob Gibb

Vice Chairperson

Angela Guinta

Finance Manager

Angela has been involved with QCCT for over 18 years and is passionate about the work that QCCT does both here in Australia and overseas. She is amazed by the commitment, passion and spirit of QCCT and its members. She works behind the scenes to ensure that the finance and treasury operation runs smoothly.

Barb Robertson

Fundraising Manager

Barb is a Melbourne based Qantas long haul flight attendant and has been flying for 30 years. She has a passion for Fundraising and enjoys working with a team. Barb is a great communicator and has the ability to motivate others in her role with QCCT.

Heidi Bell

Australia Project Manager

Heidi is a long haul flight attendant with over 19 years service with Qantas and has been involved with QCCT since 2009 in various capacities. Heidi has been involved with Australian projects since its inauguration in 2015. With a family history from Western Queensland she is passionate about giving back to our Aussie farmers and their communities through our Australian projects.

Shanthi Newcombe

India Project Manager

I have been employed with Qantas Airways for 30 years and actively involved with QCCT for 20 years. I took on the Project Manager India role in 2007. My passion is to assist children of the world, make a difference to their well being, moral and social development. I have been involved with several projects assisting projects in India with Donbosco Shelter Mumbai, BJ Home for Children Mumbai and Anugrah Mumbai. Anugraha was founded by Dr Ila catering for 120 children currently schooling 300 children catering to unprivileged children and establishing programmes for growth and development for marginalised children in slum areas of Mumbai.

David Horsfall

Philippines Project Manager

International Flight Attendant with Qantas since 1992. David was first introduced to the hard work QCCT does after being rostered on a trip with the Philippine Project Managers at the time. Their passion for assisting those most in need inspired David to do more. Soon he found himself on a working trip to Manila making great connections with the children in Valenzuela Community School and taking on the role of Project Manager in 2015.

Iain Leeson

South Africa Project Manager

Iain is a Qantas long haul flight attendant with over 30 years experience. He has been involved with QCCT for over 25 years when he participated in a trip to Harare, Zimbabwe. He was then asked to assist with India projects and became involved with Mumbai programs. When Qantas ceased flights to India in 2012 Iain was asked to join South Africa projects and has been supporting Nkosi’s Haven and Siza preschools for over ten years. Iain has held the position of Project Manager for three years.

Brad Johns

Thailand Project Manager

Brad has been with Qantas for almost 25 years and is a Customer Service Manager in the Long haul division, based in Sydney. Brad came to hear about QCCT and Mercy Centre on a flight, when his colleague, Ricardo Alarcon (the then Project Manager Thailand), told him how he visited the centre during layovers in Bangkok and about the great work being done there. It was the start of an amazing journey that has led me to taking on the role of Project Manager and to sponsoring 3 of the children at Mercy Centre, a truly rewarding experience.

Currently Vacant

Zimbabwe Project Manager

The position of Zimbabwe project manager is currently vacant.

Project Managers

Heidi Bell


Shanthi Newcombe


David Horsfall


Simone Francis

South Africa

Brad Johns