Who are QCCT?

QCCT is a compassionate and dedicated not-for-profit organisation comprising of volunteers from various areas of the Qantas network and the wider community. Our mission is to support those who are less fortunate, with a particular focus on children worldwide, as well as assisting our rural communities in Australia.

We believe in empowering individuals to become self-sufficient while respecting and preserving their unique cultural and ethnic backgrounds. To achieve this, QCCT offers hands-on assistance with projects, job skills training, educational funding, and the provision of basic necessities.

As a practical charity, we demonstrate our commitment by organising biannual working trips. These trips bring together our enthusiastic and energetic team of flight attendants, pilots, ground staff, and dedicated volunteers. During these trips, we utilise our time in specific locations to provide assistance in whatever way we can.

Past working trips have encompassed a diverse range of projects. We have participated in building renovations, the installation of irrigation systems, maintenance and repair work, as well as organising educational and enjoyable activities for children.

At QCCT, we strive to make a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve. By combining our passion, skills, and resources, we aim to uplift communities, foster sustainable development, and bring hope to individuals in need.

Join us in our journey of compassion and service as we continue to create positive impact and improve the lives of those less fortunate. Together, we can make a meaningful and lasting difference.

How did we start?

Founded in 1979 by Laurie Curley, a long haul flight attendant with Qantas, Qantas Cabin Crew Team (QCCT)  has a rich history of making a positive impact. Laurie’s journey began in Bangkok when he realised that, as an QCCT member, he could use his overseas days off to assist local communities in need. Inspired by this realisation, Laurie embarked on a mission to establish a charity project.

Back in Sydney, Laurie shared his vision with fellow cabin crew members, sparking discussions that led to the birth of QCCT. From its early days, the organisation undertook various projects, including painting a Red Cross orphanage in Bangkok, operating a nightly soup kitchen in London, and providing support to a Children’s Home in both Bangkok and Harare.

In 1994, Glenn Price, a long haul flight attendant, and his late wife Cathy Golding Price reconnected with the Matthew Rusike Children’s Home in Harare, Zimbabwe. The following year marked an important milestone for QCCT, as they participated in their first working trip, further solidifying their commitment to making a difference.

Since its inception, QCCT has grown and evolved, driven by the passion and dedication of its members. QCCT has expanded its reach, touching the lives of countless individuals in need around the world. Today, QCCT continues to carry Laurie’s vision forward, making a meaningful impact on communities and fostering positive change.

With a legacy rooted in compassion, dedication, and a commitment to service, QCCT remains steadfast in its mission to improve the lives of those in need. QCCTs rich history and ongoing efforts are a testament to the power of collective action and the belief that even small acts of kindness can create a lasting impact.

Executive Committee

David Horsfall


David is an experienced International Flight Attendant who has been an integral part of the Qantas team since 1992. His connection with QCCT began during a trip with the Philippine Project Managers, where he witnessed the organisation's dedicated efforts to create positive change. This experience sparked David's desire to contribute more and motivated him to take action.

As an International Flight Attendant with extensive experience, David brings a unique perspective to his role at QCCT. His deep understanding of diverse cultures and his ability to connect with people from all backgrounds have been invaluable in developing effective strategies and cultivating strong relationships within the communities served by QCCT.

David's unwavering commitment to QCCT's mission, combined with his genuine care for those in need, has established him as an indispensable member of the organisation. His passion, experience, and compassion continue to inspire the QCCT team, driving the success of their endeavours.

Angela Guinta

Finance Manager

With a deep commitment spanning over 18 years, Angela has played a vital role in the success of QCCT. Her passion for QCCTs work, both in Australia and overseas, is unwavering.
Angela is continually inspired by the remarkable dedication, passion, and spirit demonstrated by QCCT and its members.

Working diligently behind the scenes, Angela ensures the seamless operation of the finance and treasury functions. Her meticulous attention to detail and expertise in financial management contribute to the organization's smooth functioning, enabling QCCT to effectively allocate resources and support its projects.

Angela's unwavering support and contribution to QCCT's mission have been instrumental in driving positive change. Her commitment to making a difference and her dedication to QCCTs goals continue to inspire both her colleagues and the wider QCCT community.

Through her efforts, Angela demonstrates that even the behind-the-scenes work is a vital part of creating a meaningful impact in the lives of those in need. Her steadfast commitment to QCCT's mission reinforces QCCTs ability to uplift communities and transform lives, making a lasting difference for a brighter future.

Tanya Pratt

Administration Manager

Tanya's journey with QCCT began in 2000 after a fortuitous encounter with Bernie Smith, a fellow crew member and QCCT member, during a flight to London. This encounter ignited Tanya's passion for making a difference, leading her to become an integral part of the QCCT community.

Over the years, Tanya has held various pivotal roles within QCCT, showcasing her versatility and dedication. She has held the role of Marketing & Communications Manager, South Africa Projects Manager, Fundraising Manager, and Chairperson. Currently, Tanya currently holds the position of Administration Manager, assisting to oversee the smooth operation of QCCT.
Tanya's commitment to QCCT has remained unwavering even after her departure from the aviation industry in 2014. Her dedication and passion for QCCT continue to thrive, as she actively contributes to the QCCTs mission of making a positive impact.

One of Tanya's notable achievements was organising two Oneworld trips that brought together airline crew from around the world in India and Bangkok. These trips fostered camaraderie and collaboration among aviation professionals while supporting QCCT's initiatives in those regions.

Shanthi Newcombe

India Project Manager

With over 30 years of aviation experience, I am proud to have actively been involved with QCCT for the past 20 years. In 2007, I took on the role of Project Manager India, which has allowed me to pursue my true passion: assisting children around the world and making a meaningful difference in their well-being, moral values, and social development.

I am dedicated to leveraging my expertise and experience to create positive impact and contribute to the betterment of young lives.

David Horsfall

Philippines Project Manager

Inspired by the passion and commitment of the Philippine Project Managers, David eagerly joined a working trip to Manila. There, he formed meaningful connections with the children at Valenzuela Community School, which profoundly influenced his journey with QCCT.

Recognising David's dedication and strong rapport with the community, he was appointed as Project Manager in 2015. In this role, he has played a crucial part in leading initiatives that improve the lives of vulnerable individuals. With his expertise, empathy, and hands-on approach, David has made a positive impact on the projects he oversees.

Salvo Trovato

South Africa Project Manager

Salvo joined Qantas Airways in 2008, embarking on an inspiring journey with QCCT. In early 2023, the privilege of connecting with Gail Johnson allowed Salvo to delve into the incredible world of Nkosi's Haven. Captivated by the vision of Nkosi's, Salvo eagerly embraced the role of QCCT South Africa Project Manager.

Joining forces with a remarkable group of volunteer pilots and cabin crew on his first working trip, Salvo and the team undertook vital initiatives. These included crucial tasks such as cottage maintenance, painting, roof repairs, and engaging in fundraising efforts. Witnessing the resilience and determination of the community at Nkosi's Haven has fuelled Salvo's passion and commitment.

Together, Salvo and the QCCT team are making a tangible impact and paving the way for a brighter future for the women and children at Nkosi's Haven. The opportunity to contribute to such a noble cause has further solidified Salvo's dedication to improving the lives of those in need.

With a deep sense of purpose, Salvo continues to work tirelessly to ensure that the vision of Nkosi's Dream is realised. By harnessing the collective power of compassion and determination, Salvo and QCCT are creating transformative change and leaving a legacy of hope and opportunity.

Brad Johns

Thailand Project Manager

Brad has been with Qantas Airways for over 25 years as a Customer Service Manager. Brad's journey with QCCT and Mercy Centre began through a serendipitous encounter. While on a flight, his colleague Ricardo Alarcon, the then Project Manager Thailand, shared his experiences of visiting the centre during layovers in Bangkok and spoke passionately about the incredible work being done there. This encounter sparked Brad's interest and marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

Brad eagerly embraced the opportunity to contribute and make a difference. He took on the role of Project Manager and has personally sponsored three children at Mercy Centre, creating a meaningful connection and fostering a truly rewarding experience.

Through his involvement with QCCT and Mercy Centre, Brad has had the privilege of witnessing the transformative impact of their work firsthand. This experience has deepened his commitment to the cause, fuelling his passion for creating positive change in the lives of those in need.

With his extensive experience in customer service management and his genuine dedication, Brad is an invaluable asset to the QCCT community. His unwavering support and sponsorship, coupled with his drive to make a difference, contribute to the meaningful impact that QCCT has achieved.


Zimbabwe Project Manager

The position of Zimbabwe Project Manager is currently vacant. If you would like to express your interest in this position please contact admin@qcct.org.au


Australian Project Manager

The position of Australian Project Manager is currently vacant. If you would like to express your interest in this position please contact admin@qcct.org.au


Fundraising Manager

The position of Fundraising Manager is currently vacant. If you would like to express your interest in this position please contact admin@qcct.org.au


Vice Chairperson

The position of Vice Chairperson is currently vacant. If you would like to express your interest in this position please contact admin@qcct.org.au

Project Managers



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David Horsfall


Salvo Trovato

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